Site Systems Software, Inc.

Remote-site Monitoring Company

Site Systems Software, Inc. is a leader in real time operations of web based monitoring and management software. Since its inception ten years ago, specializing in Exploration & Production for North America gas producers, Site Systems Software, Inc. has grown to market its suite of data management products in Europe, Asia, and South America. With continued advancement of industries served, Site Systems Software, Inc. now includes Petroleum, Land, Marine, Telecommunications, Water, and Power as markets for its services.



Web-based remote monitoring and global communication services, all-in-one seamless, cost-effective solution. SiteAnalyst™ delivers secure, business-critical remote process information 24/7 - from anywhere at anytime.

SiteAnalyst™ is a scalable, web-based remote SCADA monitoring service that is configured to the user’s personal preference. It gives the user the ability to manage orifice plate changes, choke controls, alarm management and desired security levels. At any desired polling interval, SiteAnalyst™ automatically integrates your SCADA field devices and transmits data via the lowest cost communication platform available. Managing and monitoring data, whether from your local, regional or corporate office is possible anywhere in the world. SiteAnalyst™ stores raw field data in redundant, highly-secured databases, translates the raw data into desired information, and makes it available 24/7. Information can be accessed through the internet by logging into the software. If a problem occurs between the scheduled polling intervals, SiteAnalyst™ automatically sends out alarms to notify the person in-charge, thus, reducing the down-time and production loss.

While SiteAnalyst™ offers rich functionality specifically developed for Industrial SCADA industries - including pressure, temperature and volume information - it is just as valuable for other applications and industries.

Industrial SCADA Industries:

  • Environmental
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Asset Tracking
  • Liquid Storage

SiteAnalyst™ Service includes:

  • Global remote communications
  • Data polling and processing
  • Environmentally protected storage facilities
  • Secure 24/7 access via internet or intranet

  • User level custom views
  • Pop-up charts and historical data boxes
  • Standard and custom reporting
  • Alerts via e-mail, voice call outs, pagers, cellphones
  • Web-based configuration for all features
  • Built-in call center monitoring
  • Visual and map overlays of devices with alerts and pop-up data boxes
  • Chart builder that allows well to well comparison, saved definitions, exporting to PDF and other formats
  • Function-based security
  • Digital, stepped and analog controls
  • Logging of all actions, alerts, and controls
  • Configuration of standard polling protocols defined on web
  • Custom polling engine and data warehouse
  • Interface with web-based configuration
  • Data roll-ups to hourly and daily data for real time information
  • Real-time archival

SiteAnalyst™ eliminates the headaches of arranging remote communications and internet-based monitoring from multiple sources. It minimizes the number of skilled field personnel you nedd to manage remote operations. In addition, you will dramatically reduce costly downtime and increase both production and profits.

This is the ideal solution for independent operators of all sizes who do not have big IT budgets and resources, for larger energy companies with remote sites that lie beyond the reach of current SCADA networks, and for any business that needs to monitor conditions at remote locations.

The current implementation line-up includes:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Well Monitoring and Daily recording
  • Upstream ESD Controls Facilities Monitoring & Controls
  • Gathering and Midstream Systems Monitoring & Controls
  • Offshore Platform Monitoring
  • Offshore Hurricane Controls
  • Reservoir, Waterway, and Water Treatment Monitoring & Controls

Attractive Pricing Model

A smooth production flow is key to reduce down-time and production delays to maximize productivity. With SiteAnalyst™, all assets are monitored 24/7 providing real-time notification to field personnel and management of any problems, without having a costly field visit and preventing production downtime.

User-Preference Settings

SiteAnalyst™ gives the user complete control on information he/she wants to see. Setting and options are available for the user to organize data in his/her personal preference. The user can sort, filter, or add and remove data according to data significance.

Support Team

SiteAnalyst™ comes with server management to our clients. All data and information are managed and organized carefully by our support team. We add and move meters to companies, create users, give access to specific data and offer technical assistance if needed.


From the field to the cloud

Connect your assets from the field to the cloud and take control of your remote devices, anywhere in the world with SITE SYSTEMS CONNECT. With our combined software,  hardware and data package, you get everything you need in one convenient product.We make business easy with one invoice for all your remote monitoring services. This includes; READ/WRITE devices, Cost efficient communications and a state-of-the-art software package. In addition, we provide you with a 24/7 Crew of NOC agents and specialists to assure your information and assets are properly monitored.

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